Saturday, August 2, 2014

Paws to Read!!

 I love this idea! I hope that you all start snapping pictures of your favorite pets!

Thursday, July 31, 2014


Dearest Emily helped me set up a tumblr account just for lovely library teenagers and though I am still figuring a things out, you should follow it anyway. and please, give me tips. I would welcome them.

Here's what I blogged today!

 I met Barry Lyga once. He was a hoot. I love that all of his books are so different. Now that I have read this one, i will have to read them all. OMG! So good!

People are saying this book is Dexter for teenagers which is a pretty good description. The things that I loved the most…

1. It’s about serial killers and yet, it’s funny. There is a special place in my heart for authors who can talk about wicked serious things and make you  laugh at the same time. (*cough* JohnGreen *cough*)

2. His relationship with his best friend Howie.  Love that he was raised by a serial killer to be a killer and yet his friend is a hemophiliac who could bleed to death from a small cut. Howie is easily my favorite character.

3. This book is creepy! Deliciously creepy!

4. After reading it, I feel like a pretty good mom. Oh sure, there are things that I have said or done in front of my children that I shouldn’t have. Murder is not one of them. Murder is frowned upon in my house and after reading this book, that makes me a good parent.

There are some scenes that are fairly graphic and terrible. It IS a book about serial killers so clearly it isn’t all bunnies and unicorns. (Thank goodness! I don’t want to think about what Barry Lyga would have done with a unicorn in this book.) If graphic and terrible disturbs you, don’t read this book.

If you enjoy creepy, this book is for you. And good news, there are 2 more in the series. The Game is at the Madison library. Blood of My Blood comes out September 9th.

OH! And for audio book lovers, I actually listened to this one and it was quite good.

p.s. don't forget that we have Manga club on Wednesday, August 6th at 5:30. As always, the more the merrier.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Now hear this!!

One thing I firmly believe is that you should be able to read anything you want during the summer. Summer is about fun! Summer reading should be fun and relaxing, not a big ol' chore. I hope that you are reading whatever you want to read for your summer reading challenge. You can read fiction, nonfiction, manga, graphic novels, comic books, magazines, ebooks, or audio books.

Audio books... I love 'em! I listen to audio books at night when I am going to sleep, when I am taking a walk, when I crochet or doodle, when I'm folding clothes or doing some other boring chore or when I'm playing a computer game that doesn't require me to think.

When it comes to audio books, the narrator is super important. I, personally am very picky about the narrator. If the person's voice is annoying... ugh! Forget it, I will read the book. But some books are even better when read to you. Like Beauty Queens by Libba Bray.

One of my favorite audio books! I particularly love the way that she does Miss Texas's voice. Brilliant.
And Neil Gaiman! He is an amazing author (and supporter of libraries). He reads his own books. I could listen to his voice forever! My favorite is The Graveyard Book. It won the Newberry a few years ago and is a must read! OMG! Such a good book!
I could go on and on... Chomp by Carl Hiassan, Legend by Marie Lu, Steelheart by Brandon Sanderson, Dead End in Norvelt by Jack Gantos, Stormrunners by Roland Smith, Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett. Omg! Wee Free Men is such a great audio book! Another one that I love to have read to me. Really brings the story alive.
If you already know how great audio books are, then I hope that you try some of these that I have suggested. And there are more ... so many more! 
If you have never tried audio books, I hope that you will. At the library we have cds, playaways and mp3 cds. Cds you should be familiar with. Playaways are a preloaded audio device. You simply plug your earphones into them and listen. The AAA battery should last the length of the book (unless you fall asleep while listening, then you will need another battery.) MP3 cds you can upload onto your ipod or mp3 player. There is more info on a single mp3 cd than a standard cd so it usually means dealing with 1 or 2 mp3 cds instead of 7 to 25 standard cds.

Happy listening and happy summer! Can't wait to see you at the library!

Thursday, June 19, 2014


Tuesday was our ART EXTRAVAGANZA! Approximately 15 talented artists came and created their masterpieces. Today I hung a few of those in the vault at the Hanover branch. Tomorrow I will work on officially hanging more at Madison. (which means that they will be matted on colored paper and hung in the auditorium.)

HUGE Thank you to the Zeta Xi chapter of Psi Iota Xi in Madison for donating the money to pay for our art supplies!!

You should come to the Hanover library and check out the art in the vault. And then go to Madison and check out the art in the auditorium.

I am totally digging the art thing. I love being around creative people. We are going to have to do this again. I also love having artwork hung in the vault at Hanover. Susan (another fabulous library employee) and I have decided that instead of putting up posters, you should create art for me to have on display and change it every couple of months.

Which brings me to the vault at Hanover... We call it "the vault" because when this building was a bank, that space was literally "The Vault." It houses the graphic novel, manga, audio and magazine collections for young adults. There is also space for you to hang out and read or do homework or play a game with a friend. If you are looking for a spot to just hang out, read a book or chat with a friend... the vault at the Hanover branch is the perfect place to do it.

Upcoming stuff

Next week on Wed, June 25th we are watching The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug at 6:00 in Madison. The movie will last until around 8:40. There will be popcorn provided by Ohio Theater (because they have the best popcorn!)

It is nice if you sign up but not completely necessary. You can do that by calling 265-2744

Life Size Pac Man!!! OMG! I am utterly geeked about this!!
Next Friday, June 27th at the Hanover library at 10:30 a.m. We will be outside, (hopefully it won't rain!! if it does, we will reschedule) I will have water and Popsicles for you.

Again, it would be super nice if you signed up so I will know for sure how much water and popsicles I will need. Call the library to sign up.

Happy Reading!! Can't wait to see you at the library!

Friday, May 30, 2014

It's almost here!

Summer reading will start on Monday!!!

Come to the library anytime on or after Monday, June 2nd to pick up your reading log and calendar of events. Tuesday, June 3rd you can start signing up for programs. Which you will totally want to do because we have so many cool things to do. (The previous post has all of those programs and descriptions if you are curious and can't wait for Monday to know.)

The books for Battle of the Books are at the Main Desk of the Madison library. You may come to the library anytime and check them out so that you will be ready for the big battle! Those books are Uglies, Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie and Magyk.

Btw, I just finished reading Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie and it is just as amazing as the other three. I wanted to have a David Lubar book for the battle because I wanted you to have a humorous choice. Let me tell you... this book is funny and oh so much more. I loved it! It is now on my must read list. (or it will be as soon as I figure out how to update that thing.)

If you are interested in volunteering this summer, be sure to talk to Kara or me. There will be several opportunities and we would appreciate the help.

Can't wait to see you!! It is going to be a great summer!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Summer Reading!!!

Summer is going to be here any second now. Teen Council and I have loads of fun stuff planned for summer. Figured that I should share it on here so that you will know what is happening.

All of this info is for students in 6th to 12th grade.

First! Summer Reading Club (the reading log that you use to keep track of the minutes that you read and then get prizes) (Wow, that really summed up what you need to know. Read on for details.) (Often called Summer Reading Challenge)

Here's how it works. Read for 5 hrs and you get a prize. You can read for a total of 20 hours and 4 prizes. First prize is a food coupon to McDonald's, Taco Bell or Dairy Queen
Second and Third prize is your choice of a plethora of fun little things like rubber duckies, bookmarks, etc...
Fourth prize is your very own book to keep and love forever and ever!

My basic rule is that if you can check it out at the library it counts toward your summer reading club time. (except for DVDs and music CDs)
Audio Books (I love them!)
Graphic Novels, Manga and Comic Books
Tons of choices! It's summer and you should read what you want to read.

If you complete the Summer Reading Club and attend 2 young adult programs, your name will be put in a drawing to win a Kindle Fire!

You can come to the library on or after June 2nd to pick up your packet of information that will contain your reading log and a schedule of events. Registration for events will begin on June 3rd. There will be a kick off on June 10th with prizes, food and lots of fun from 10 to 12 at Madison and 2 to 3 at Hanover.

Second! Summer Reading Programs! (I'm super geeked about these!)

ART EXTRAVAGANZA!! June 17 at 2:00 in Madison
We will have an art show during the summer at both the Madison and Hanover libraries. You may submit any art that you have created and we will put it on display.
You can also come to the ART EXTRAVAGANZA where we will have lots of art supplies that you can use to create art.
 Many thanks to the Zeta Xi chapter of Psi Iota Xi for their generous donation to buy art supplies!!

MOVIE NIGHT June 25th 6:00 at Madison
We will be watching The Hobbit 2 and eating popcorn!

LIFE SIZE PAC MAN June 27th at Hanover
This is how it works... there will be a big ol' maze painted on the grass outside. You will be Pac Man and try to pick up as many white circles as you can before the ghosts (your friends) catch you. Super fun! And there will be popsicles. :)

CRAFTS!! July 1 at 2:00
Loomz, pompoms, shrinky dinks, googly eyes... what could be more fun?

We will watch an anime or Japanese movie. We haven't figured out which one. If you have a suggestion, share it with us at the June Manga meeting which will be June 4th at 5:30 at Madison.

GEEKFEST July 8 at 2:00 at Madison
Dr. Who, Sherlock, Harry Potter, Superheroes, Zombies, My Little Pony... Be there to celebrate your favorite geekdoms with Games, Crafts and Food!!

BATTLE OF THE BOOKS July 15 at 10:30 in Madison
Read Uglies by Scott Westerfeld, Magyk by Angie Sage, Sleeping Freshman Never Lie by David Lubar and/or Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by J.K. Rowling. You can read 1 or all of them. One July 15th you will be put on a team. Hopefully, together all of you will have read all of the books because you are going to compete in a trivia contest and the team that answers the most questions, WINS! Obviously, the more books you read the better your team will do. After the competition we will celebrate with food and prizes!

MESSY TWISTER!! July 18 at 10:30 at Hanover
This is our grand finale! The final young adult program of the year. In order to attend this program you MUST finish the summer reading challenge (the reading log) and attend 2 young adult programs!
a normal Twister game + paint = MESSY TWISTER!!
We will also have ice cream and lots and lots of prizes. We will give away the Kindle Fire (Thank you Arvin Sango!) and so much more. I have gift certificates to The Red Peppermint, Taylor's Tae Kwon Do Academy, The Ohio Theater, Cozy Acres and Scoops Ice Cream Shoppe (formerly known as The Madison Creamery), plus books and other prizes.
 Be sure to wear clothes that can get really messy. White would be super cool because when we finish you will have a very colorful shirt. Advise your mother (or whoever is picking you up) to have trash bags available for you to sit on on your way home.

In your packet there is a list of summer reading sponsors. We seriously could not do summer reading without them. Be sure to take a look at that list of sponsors and thank them! The very best way that you can say thank you to most of the businesses on that list is to shop there. Be sure to tell them that you appreciate their support of summer reading at the library.

If you have any questions just ask. Call the library at 265-2744 or email me at

Have a great week! Can't wait to see you at the library!


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Important things in MAY!!

Happy May!

This month we will be super busy getting ready for summer reading and going around talking to schools about summer reading. But we still have things going on here at the library.

Wednesday, May 7 at 5:30 is Manga Club
Then immediately after at 6:30 we are going to have a work session for Teen Council. You can get a sneak peak of what we will be doing this summer and help me iron out specifics for certain programs. We have some seriously cool things planned for summer! Help make sure that it is FANTABULOUS!!

Dungeons and Dragons will be on Wednesday,  May 14th from 5:30 to 8:00. Our first session last month went very well, I hear. You should have more time to actually play this month. If you have never played D&D and are interested in joining, please call me (Shonica) at 265-2744 or email me at

Teen Council will be Wednesday, May 28 at 6:30. This will be our last teen council meeting until after summer. Don't miss it!!

Enjoy the sunshine! See you soon at the library!